VAct Technologies

VAct AutoEdge Development Board

Training Kit for Automotive Fratinity

Arm® Cortex®-M4 32b MCU+FPU, 210DMIPS, up to 1MB Flash/192+4KB RAM, USB OTG HS/FS, Ethernet, 17 TIMs, 3 ADCs, 15 comm. interfaces & camera


VAct AutoEdge Development Board based on STM32 designed & developed in-house by VAct Technologies for advanced learning driver development, HAL. The board has STM32F405RGT6 ARM Cortex M4 as its core integrated with STM32 CubeIDE & GNU ARM toolchain. The solution enables automotive enthusiasts and aspiring engineers to take up a career in the automotive domain.

Operational Requirements:
To communicate with STM32F405 Board, the following hardware and software requirements:
  • PC-compatible system with Windows® 7 or Window 10 (32-bit/ 64 bit Operating Systems).
  • POWER supply of 9-12V DC / 1A
  • STM32CUBEIDE with ARM toolchains
CAN | CANopen | UDS | RTOS

The Board includes peripherals like RTC, ADC, I2C, SPI, CAN, PWM, Timers, UART, and RS485, SD card & USB support. OLED is interfaced using I2C protocol. Our Development kit comes with the following features :

  • Low-footprint CAN stack
  • Low Footprint CAN open
  • Free RTOS Stack
  • UDS Porting (In Progress)
  • More than 75+ experiments
  • 25+ Assignments / Problems for learning


The board offers many unique features