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Product Dev
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Concept to Product Development

Transform Ideas to Complete Product

VAct Technologies helps transform ideas to finished product after understanding the application needs and application requirements of the customer. The team of designers gives shape to concepts keeping in mind factors such as functionality,practicability, reliability and aesthetics of the product

AutoEdge Dev Board
VAct AutoEdge Development Board

Automotive Protocols Development Board

Rev Up Your Automotive Projects with VAct AutoEdge Development Board
Precision Control, Ultimate Reliability, and the Fast Lane to Innovation!

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Our Products

Vending Machines

Automatic Milk Vending Machine
Automatic Oil Vending Machine
Automatic Cool Drink Vending Machine
Automatic Coffee Vending Machine

EmbCore Dev Board
VAct EmbCore Development Board

Program CAN | SPI | I2C | SD Card | USB

VAct EmbCore Development Board is based on STM32F205 designed to provide development environment on ARM Cortex M4 and learning Embedded Protocols like I2C, SPI, UART. Baord can also be used for data logging applications with the SD Card & USB options. This board integrated with STM32CubeIDE for easy integration and learning purpose

Embedded Systems Applications
Our Services

Embedded Systems | IoT | EV's & More

Industrial Automation & Control
Embedded Systems Development
Fuel Monitoring Systems
Embdded Systems Offshore Outsourcing

STM32405 1
Our Products

Vending Machines

Automatic Milk Vending Machine
Automatic Oil Vending Machine
Automatic Cool Drink Vending Machine
Automatic Coffee Vending Machine


To Innovate And Develop Exceptional technology applications

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About VAct Technologies

VAct Technologies (pronounced ‘We Act’) is an ISO 9001:2015 embedded product developer established in 2007 providing IT/engineering solutions to many automobile OEM’s and Tier 1 Tier 2 suppliers in India. VAct Technologies has core competency for a decade in serving complex and high technology hardware and software development systems and solutions in automotive domain. We help customers in the following different ways :

deployment of high technology solutions in embedded systems and CAD/CAM modeling

proof of concept designs for our customers

Contract to hire models for our customers to wrap up a team of engineers

qualified, motivated and flexible internal professional workforce team at disposal for our client/customers

quality, reliability and innovation that reduces our customers’ time to market

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To Innovate and Develop exceptional technology applications. Giving unparalleled cost effective solutions for ever changing business environment.

Quality Service

VAct Technologies is also committed to providing quality and latest solutions in customized software, testing & validation services in domains like automotive, Industrial Automation and wireless applications.


Creating unique, concept to product design, value added services for our clients. value added services for our clients.

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Mr. Kumaravel Pandurangan

Managing Director

PMP trained professional with 24+ years proven experience in Global operations & Project Management, Agile methodologies worked on many companies like Deutsche Babcock, TimeSys & Mapusoft Technologies. And 15+ years in Product development, Embedded services, CAD-CAM services, Eclipse Technologies (PDE/RCP). Proficient in managing mentoring, motivating and leading teams while being a team player for ensuring development of employees for achieving the organizational goals. Involved in business units and dealing with setting up, understanding P/L accounts, budgeting, structuring legal agreements for clients, HR, distributors, third party providers, due diligence & transitioning to offshore teams, restructuring.


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