VAct Technologies

Automatic Oil Vending Machine

Our Oil Vending Machines are delivering specific quantity of oil with high accuracy. These machines are extensively utilized in oil packaging industry, and shops & shops selling oil.
Our vending machines have a singular design equipped with latest micro-controller based circuitry and a complicated ADC that provide our machinery user-friendliness. With the assistance of our Oil Vending Machines, oil are often delivered during a safe & hygienic manner.
There are quite 1000 such machines getting used everywhere India especially by vendors who would really like to retain their brand and provides quality product to customers at very competitive prices by avoiding packing.
  • Used for selling loose oil in the market, our range of Oil Vending Machine is in wide demand across India.
  • It assures accurate and hygienic vending of oil. These machines are operated with pumps or by gravity flow of oil from a storage tank and are designed to vend a maximum of four different types of oil.

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