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VAct Technologies offers progressive and advanced training course in “Embedded Systems and Automotive protocols”. This course is designed to offer application oriented training & real time exposure to students. This makes the students the right fit for automotive embedded jobs in Chennai, Hyderabad, Coimbatore & Bengaluru. The students have a chance to work on VAct embedded product development team This give the students the unassailable advantage in getting placement in top MNCs.

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FreeRTOS on STM32


Learn how to use on FreeRTOS Operating System in your application

The training intent is to introduce the main features, components, configuration options API functions of  the FreeRTOS operating system with the usage of STM32 dedicated tools and HW

Who should attend this course?

  • Engineers looking to better understand FreeRTOS and its usage with STM32 MCUs
  • Engineers looking for practical knowledge concerning implementation of FreeRTOS with other STM32 ecosystem components (HAL library, STM32CubeMX usage for code generation)

Benefits you will take away?

  • You will improve your knowledge of FreeRTOS and its main features
  • You will improve your practical skills related to CMSIS_OS v1.x based application development using FreeRTOS as a base operating system

Course Outline

  • FreeRTOS basic features
  • Resources used by operating system
  • FreeRTOS and its STM32CubeMX support
  • Configuration of the operating system
  • Memory allocation
  • FreeRTOS SchedulerTasks in FreeRTOS
  • Intertask communication methods (queues, semaphores, signals, mutexes)
  • Software timers in operating system
  • Debug support of the operating system