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Embedded Systems

We are specializes in embedded design development services for a wide range of industry…

VAct Technologies Embedded systems

VAct Technologies specializes in providing embedded design development services for a range of industry verticals including automotive, mobile and wireless applications. Our state-of-the-art, result-driven and proven embedded solutions transform your software design or model architecture into a fully functional system as per your business requirements.

scrutinizing business needs

Planning Embedded Business Model

Discussing Model With Client

Developing / Coding Embedded System

System Testing and Deployment

We are Also In

Vehicle Networking Solutions

More vehicles today are using electronics to cope with the diversifying requirements of drivers and passengers and to address concerns about the comfort, environment and fuel consumption. Multiple electronic control units (ECU) are connected by multiple in-vehicle LANs differing in transmission speed and communication protocol according to the features and characteristics required for each application to exchange information and coordinating control to allow more added value functions to be implemented.
Automotive HMI

HMI and UI Development

Human Machine Interfaces Delivering Better Driving Experiences

Automotive HMI solutions helps to enhance the driving experiences by enabling interactions with multi-touch dashboards, touchpads, control panels, built-in screens, push buttons and more. By transforming a vehicle into an ecosystem of interconnected parts that work to make driving personalized, adaptive, convenient, safe, and enjoyable.
Last Mile Services

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BSP & OS Porting

Embedded OS Porting and Board Support Packages

VAct Technologies India provides turnkey solution to client by providing development of boot loaders, development of all the device drivers, middleware and the application for both existing and fresh platforms.

Streamline the BSP and OS Porting to stay ahead of the curve

develop and design

Device Drivers

V Act Technologies India has developed and designed firmware across solutions including consumer electronics, PC devices, storage devices, etc.

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