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VAct Technologies offers progressive and advanced training course in “Embedded Systems and Automotive protocols”. This course is designed to offer application oriented training & real time exposure to students. This makes the students the right fit for automotive embedded jobs in Chennai, Hyderabad, Coimbatore & Bengaluru. The students have a chance to work on VAct embedded product development team This give the students the unassailable advantage in getting placement in top MNCs.

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At VAct Technologies, we offer online /offline training programs for QNX embedded systems. Originally conceived to streamline industrial automation, QNX has evolved into a fundamental technology with widespread industrial applications. Our QNX training equips you with the skills to navigate this dynamic landscape, from system architecture to device drivers, empowering you to drive innovation in diverse sectors.

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About the Course

Our comprehensive QNX training program is shows great attention to detail crafted to empower individuals with the skills and expertise necessary for navigating the intricacies of embedded systems and automotive technology. From grasping the foundational principles of QNX architecture to honing proficiency in advanced concepts such as device drivers and real-time scheduling, our courses establish a robust groundwork for success in this ever-evolving domain. Whether you’re a seasoned professional striving to maintain a competitive edge or a newcomer eager to delve into the potential of QNX, our tailored training experience is designed to meet your unique learning objectives. Join us and contribute to a community dedicated to fostering innovation, enhancing efficiency, and facilitating connectivity in the digital era.

The aim of mastering the QNX course is to attain a comprehensive understanding of this widely adopted real-time operating system and its specific applications, particularly within the spheres of embedded systems and automotive technology.

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  • Live Project Experience
  • Virtual and in-person sessions
  • Career placement assistance
  • Learning Flexibility with Certification

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Become an ECU Developer, Earn 5 Digit Salary


 Embark on your journey to mastery with our premier QNX Training online/offline course and become an essential member of our vibrant learning community. Tailored for beginners, this course serves as a gateway to mastering firmware interfacing with QNX Training.

Secure your spot today in our top-tier online/offline QNX training course and start a fulfilling educational adventure


  • The architecture (MicroKernel)
  • The Process Manager
  • Basic Knowhow of Momentics IDE
  • Scheduling
  • Hands on creating threads and run them in FIFO vs Round-robin
  • IPCs provided by kernel – Messages, Pulses and Signals
  • Explain each of the IPC followed by Hands on
  • Thread synchronization methods – Mutex, condvar, semaphore and join
  • Discuss on each method followed by hand on.
  • Understand Resource manager
  • Library Architecture
  •  System Services
  • Security
  • Networking
  • Basic socket application to send/recv over UDP
  • Basic client/server example over TCP
  • Debugging using Momentics IDE
  • Coredump debugging remote/local
  • Profiling qnx applications using Kernel Event Trace
  • Hands on placing user trace and analyze the same.
  • Polling vs interrrupts (example of RX pacing in network driver).
  • Custom Memory Management (tiered pools), finding memory leaks
  • Take a design problem (either from customer or from us), then have attendees design a solution for the same)

Achieve expertise in QNX Training through our online/offline courses offered by VAct Technologies

Strengthen your foundation for success with VAct Technologies. Enhance your comprehension of QNX technology through our QNX Training online/offline course, delving into theory, operation, and practical applications. Empower your automotive and industrial expertise with comprehensive knowledge and hands-on experience.


Enhance your skills with our comprehensive QNX Training program at VAct Technologies. Developed by industry experts, our course guarantees 100% placement assurance. Immerse yourself in the realm of QNX and emerge seasoned, with practical experience equivalent to 1.5 years. Acquire hands-on expertise in real-world applications such as system architecture and device drivers. Delve into advanced concepts including real-time scheduling, memory management, and security protocols. Unlock new career pathways and foster innovation in the dynamic field of QNX Training.




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