VAct Technologies

Industrial Automation (Textile)

AUDNE INDIA LIMITED, DADRA & NAGAR HAVELI, INDIA AUNDE India Limited(AIL), is a joint venture collaboration between Faze Three and Aude Achter & Ebels Gmbh(Germany known for its line of automotive fabrics and seating systems).

Our team replaced existing control mechanism of the machine with state-of-the-art Delta made PLC, Drives and HMI control. The variable frequency drives are controlled by PLC to vary the speed of the machine and its mainly synchronized functions like water flow control, temperature controls, steam valve functions, conveyor movement, interlocked safety systems etc. The PLC and HMI ladder programs are developed from scratch based on the machines functionality and operation sequence. The Ladder Logic involved interlocking with 15 emergency switches and dancing rod to stop the machine. More than 100 digital I/O’s and 30 analog I/O’s are interfaced in this automation.