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Scope for Embedded Systems in Automotive Domain


As consumer awareness of vehicle safety has grown exponentially, more R&D projects have been launched to enhance Embedded Systems integrated with Artificial Intelligence in applications like electronic brake-force distribution, satellite radio, GPS, telematics, traction control, adaptive cruise control, ABS, and airbags in automobiles. Automotive Embedded Systems have significantly accelerated the growth trajectory of the global market. Another booming field pertained to embedded systems is the defense sector. The Codissia Defence Innovation and Atal Incubation Centre (CDIIC) is one such initiative of the Coimbatore District Small Industries Association (Codissia) which was inaugurated in 2020 to indigenise defense sector components and products. This enables the MSMEs of coimbatore to become import substitution partners to the armed forces in future.

How VAct Technologies helps to create Automotive Embedded Engineers?

VAct technologies, established in 2007, offer industry-certified training programs that act as catalysts in students by offering them avenues to enhance their existing skills and acquire new ones. Our training modules give students the tools to succeed in their current positions and a clear path for professional progression as Automotive Engineer. We strive to bridge the gap between industry and engineering graduates by offering top-quality training modules that are tailor-made to meet industry-specific standards. We have developed our customized embedded development board based on the STM32F405 microcontroller for training.
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VAct Customized STM32F405 Development Board

The STM32-based Embedded Training Kit is designed & developed in-house by VAct Technologies for advanced learning driver development, HAL. The board has STM32F405RGT6 ARM Cortex M4 as its core integrated with STM32CubeIDE & GNU ARM toolchain. Our development boards are used by top MNCs in the Automobile sector to provide training to their employees. Above customized board is utilized in our training program, thereby enhancing the employability chances of students in top MNCs. VAct Technologies offers placement-oriented Automotive Embedded Systems courses for freshers and working professionals. We have more than 15 years of experience in the training sector, with a reputation for placing candidates with the Highest CTC up to 24LPA.

Need for Technical Training

Finding employment in a core industry takes a lot of work for a fresher. Hence candidates undergoing embedded training courses in our facility are equipped with real-time examples like writing test code for Engine Control Unit (ECU), Infotainment system, Airbag controller, etc. Our embedded training also includes an introduction to the latest concepts like AUTOSAR, RTOS, Embedded Linux, Device drivers, Boot loader development and Edge AI. VAct Technologies is also committed to providing quality and latest solutions in customized software, testing & validation services in domains like automotive, mobile, and wireless applications.
With a blended learning approach, Industrial mentorship, and top-notch placements, VAct Technologies has emerged as one of India’s best Embedded Systems Training Institute.

Quotes from Managing Director

“It breaks my heart to watch engineering graduates working in food delivery apps, tele-callers, and sales representatives. I feel obliged to break this pattern by improving the skill set of engineering graduates. We at Vact Technologies have reshaped the careers of candidates with Mechanical / Biomedical backgrounds into the Embedded domain. We also guide candidates with career breaks and help them switch professions in their area of interest with 100% placement support”.
With a blended learning approach, Industrial mentorship, and top-notch placements, VAct Technologies has emerged as one of India’s best Embedded Systems Training Institute.
– Mr. Kumaravel Pandurangan, Managing Director, VAct Technologies Private Limited