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VAct Technologies offers progressive and advanced training course in “Embedded Systems and Automotive protocols”. This course is designed to offer application oriented training & real time exposure to students. This makes the students the right fit for automotive embedded jobs in Chennai, Hyderabad, Coimbatore & Bengaluru. The students have a chance to work on VAct embedded product development team This give the students the unassailable advantage in getting placement in top MNCs.

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Learn, Code, and Excel: Becoming an Expert in STM32 HAL Programming at VAct Technologies

  • Practice Real-Time Projects
  • Personalized One-on-One Classes
  • Accessible and Affordable Fee Structures
  • Performance Assignments
  • Flexible Scheduling
  • Option for Both Online and Offline Classes

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Become an ECU Developer, Earn 5 Digit Salary


Welcome to VAct Technologies, a premier training institute dedicated to empowering individuals in the realm of STM32 Microcontroller Programming with HAL. With a commitment to excellence, our extensive portfolio encompasses multiple courses, each facilitated by industry experts boasting over a decade of real-world experience. Our training sessions are conducted using VAct AutoEdge Development Board or VAct EmbCore Development boards. VAct Customized STM32 Development boards, adhering to industry standards for an optimal learning experience.


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Real Time Application Projects from Client!

About the Course

Our STM32 Microcontroller Programming with HAL training and certification are guided by experienced industry professionals, ensuring you receive the highest-quality education to hone your skills and thrive in this ever-evolving industry. This course is meticulously designed to empower participants with a robust grasp of STM32 microcontrollers and the HAL library, fostering their ability to engineer embedded systems. 

This program imparts practical expertise in STM32 programming with a focus on hands-on skills utilizing the HAL library. At VAct Technologies, stm32 hal_flash_program delves into the nuances of STM32 microcontrollers, their various types, advantages, and distinctive features.

VACT STM32 HAL Programming Syllabus

A fair understanding of microcontrollers and a touch of C/C++ programming magic can be useful when embarking on stm32 hal_flash_program learning journey .

For an in-depth look at the curriculum for our STM32 Microcontroller Programming with HAL, we welcome you to have a look at our course.

  • Overview of STM32 microcontroller families
  • STM32 development tools and IDE setup (e.g., STM32CubeIDE)
  • Introduction to HAl (Hardware Abstration Layer)
  • Configuring GPIO pins and using HAL functions
  • Implementing simple input and output operations
  • Introduction to timers and their applications
  • Configuring and using timers with HAL
  • Interrupt handling in STM32 with HAL
  • Pulse Width Modulation 
  • Input Capture and Compare
  • Using HAL for more complex GPIO operations
  • Implementing GPIO interrupts and EXTI lines
  • Working with GPIO ports and pins effectively
  • Understanding UART communication
  • Configuring UART peripherals with HAL
  • Implementing UART-based communication with other devices
  • Introduction to SPI and I2C communication protocols   

  • Configuring SPI and I2C peripherals with HAL

  • Implementing SPI and I2C communication with sensors and peripherals
  • Overview of ADC and its applications

  • Configuring and using the ADC with HAL
  • Reading analog sensor data and converting it to digital values
  • Understanding Pulse Width Modulation (PWM)

  • Configuring PWM output with HAL
  • Implementing motor control using PWM
  • Introduction to RTOS concepts

  • Configuring FreeRTOS for STM32 with HAL
  • Implementing multitasking applications
  • Creating simple CAN communication applications

  • Sending and receiving CAN messages using HAL

Empower your Future with VAct Technologies

VAct Technologies provides carefully crafted course of STM 32 Embedded programming with HAL, authored by experienced embedded engineers. The focus is to deliver in-depth knowledge of embedded systems and microarchitecture. Don’t hesitate—reach out to us today and take the next step!

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What People say about VAct Technologies


This place does 2 things, one is to develop new projects and the other is to train students to achieve a career at any one of the best top companies. I had seen this place on google maps and came here seeking a job. As a fresher, they gave me a test, and It was a bit easy to get some good marks. Next was a face-to-face interview process, which was also good. And since I had good knowledge of C and lacked experience in embedded systems. The company offered me free training to which I would gain knowledge just like a fresher getting trained in a placed company. It’s been 2 and half weeks since joining and have gained some knowledge on what is being done in the industry. If you’re looking for some training or if you want to shift to a new job, look no further “VACT technology” is the place to be.

Richins Larvin

Good placement and an Excellent training by the faculty providing individual attention to each student. Class timings are flexible. And we can gain more knowledge about embedded by doing real time projects

Jenief Jf

VACT Technologies provides Automotivee Testing, design services for OEM’s. I am working for past 2 months in this company. This is very good place to work and enhance our Embedded Automotive Skills for fresh and 2+ years experience. Company’s professional approach on Employee friendly and good work environment are best.


I am working in VAct Technologies for past 2 years deployed in Pricol Ltd as Design Engineer. VAct Technologies is best embedded training and embedded product development company in coimbatore , India.
• If anybody plan to initiate your careers and take up a course in embedded, CAN, UDS then VAct is the best platform without any doubt.
• They provide placement services in MNC’s like PRICOL, Robert BOSCH. LnT, TVS etc.,
• VAct Technologies provides good training in Embedded and Automobile domain.
• Many times company provide employees careers growth and motivational elements, which is good for postive thoughts to shape your career
• If I face any difficult from customer end i feel free to call Mr.Kumaravel (CEO) he is very supportive person.
• i got my salary in on time and appraisal and hike also.

Finaly i convey my thanks to Mr.kumaravel

saravanan KG

I had 2 years of academic experience. I wanted to switch to Industry. I approached VAct Technologies because I was impressed with the course details they have shared. Also there was no marketing / brain washing technique.. The CEO Mr Kumaravel was very helpful, he immediately offered me a Free course on embedded systems as I wan not able to bear the course fees. I am now learning automotive embedded systems training program in coimbatore. Best embedded training institute for learning embedded systems / Internet of things IoT / Embedded Linux Courses. I wish them all the best for their future projects …

Durga Devi

I’m a Embedded software developer for past one year. In my previous company I’ve have worked with ARM based controllers like STM , CYPRESS(inhouse projects ). I wanted to switch Automotive domain, so I searched for company that can help for my future career and finally I got the opportunity to work with VAct technologies. They have worked with many Tier I supplier to come up with various training modules in embedded automotive domain. I was learning CAN and AUTOSAR related modules. Within a month I got placed in a electric vehicle manufacturer as embedded developer. All thanks to Mr. kumaravel CEO of VAct technologies. Environment in VAct is so good you’ll get wide exposure about controllers and automotive domain communication protocols.

Ram prasad

Good place to get knowledge both practically and theoretically in embedded Automotive domain. I have taken a embedded training for more than INR 50 000 in Chennai. But still had to take up a fast track training to improve my technical skill in real time projects here . Opportunity to get place in Embedded Automotive companyies like Bosch, Pricol, L&T etc…

Mac_ Kishore

Good company….
Iam working (2018-2019) in this company..very good training..and i was deputed to pricol corporate services off roll employee..and then i complete 1year of job then PRICOL taken as on roll employee.now i am working in pricol . thanks VACT technologies thanks CEO Kumaravel…

Jagan Nathan

I have Completed my PG Embedded Systems & Technologies in Coimbatore. I am doing my INTERN in VAct Technologies. I gained Knowledge on C, Advanced C, Embedded Systems & Automotive Protocols (PIC, Power PC, ARM & STM32). One of the best training Centers in Coimbatore Imparting Embedded Systems training & Automotive Protocols. Many from here have placed in MNC’s like BOSCH,PRICOL, ALTRAN etc., looking forward for a career after my Intership

Karthik Raj B

Good place to learn and explore.I have undergone training at V Act technologies.I have attended an interview in an organisation where more than 300 candidates attended the interview .I just cleared the interview process and got placed in that company because of the excellent training provided by V Act technologies.

divya priya

I have 2 years of experience as a letcurer. After that I trained at Govt institute, Hyderabad for embedded systems. Then I took training at VAct technologies, Coimbatore. It is such a nice place to get trained in embedded domain. After training I got placed in Robert bosch, Coimbatore through VAct.They gave me full support to achieve my dream. Thanks to VAct, with those people suggestions and hardwork I successfully achieved my dream job.

Sravanthi Yadagiri

I have completed my embedded training in VAct technologies and i have gained more knowledge in C ,PIC microcontroller and CAN.This training helped me a lot to clear Bosch interview as a fresher.Now i have got placed in ROBERT BOSCH, coimbatore through Vact Technologies. VAct is a great place to shape your career in embedded systems.

Swapanali Bhaskar